Albuquerque Wedding & Reception
Here are just a few of the wonderful locations for your
as well as your Albuquerque wedding
charming B & B with romantic courtyards

Prairie Star Restaurant, 505-867-3327

High Finance Restaurant
(top of tram Sandia Mountain overlooking Albuquerque)

Tanoan Country Club, 505-822-0422

Four Hills Country Club, 505-299-9555

Sandia Resort and Casino 505-798-3700

Santa Ana Star Casino 505-867-0000

Casa Rodena Winery 505-344-5911

Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town, 505-843-6300

Hilton Albuquerque, 505-884-2500

Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, 505-842-1234

Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort, 505-771-6057

Wyndham Albuquerque Hotel, 505-244-8528

Courtyard by Marriott, 505-823-1919

Albuquerque Marriot Pyramid North

Albuquerque BioPark (aquarium & botanical gardens)
Dial 311 in the City of Albuquerque
Call 848-7115 for rental information

Cities of Gold Casino Hotel (Santa Fe, NM)

(This is by no means a complete list.  The locations are
not listed in any particular order of preference.)

Mille Fleur Floral, 505-269-1680
Something Special with Flowers, 505-881-4331

Kyle Zimmerman Photography, 505-232-6986
Bryan Spurlock, 505-890-0179
Blue Rose Photography, 505-266-5292
Marie Leslie Photography, 505-344-3171
Kevin's Photography, 505-345-6322
Lovely Universe Photography/Michaella Romero

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Casa Rodena Winery
Tips for Writing Your Own Vows:

1.  Look at traditional and non-traditional vows.  Decide what elements you like and what you don't like.

2.  Ask yourselves what marriage means to you and then what marriage vows mean to you.  Remember that vows are
commitments that you are making to one another.

3.  Think about what unique promises or honoring words you would like to include in writing your vows.

4.  Decide whether you will each make the same vows to each other or unique vows to one another.

5.  Now, put those elements together in a "rough draft" .

6.  Read the vows out loud.  This will help you to adjust the wording to best reflect your intent.

7.  Do it your way!  Ignore advice that says that you should keep your vows short.  Make them as you want them whether
short, medium, or "long".  

8.  If you need help getting started or finishing writing your vows, ask your officiant for help.  

Reverend Marya O'Malley

©Reverend Marya O’Malley, 2011, all rights reserved in all media.  Copying and/or transmission by permission only.  Celebrating
Life, LLC, Reverend Marya O’Malley, 5901-J Wyoming NE, #211, Albuquerque, NM  87109.
Tips for a Smooth Wedding Rehearsal

By Reverend Marya O’Malley, Wedding Officiant

Your rehearsal can be a lot of fun.  At rehearsals the bride and groom and their rehearsal guests and family members come
together for two main reasons:

1.  Social aspect of meeting and greeting one another and sharing in the fun of anticipating the wedding ceremony itself.

2.  To inform those involved in the wedding ceremony about their roles and logistics:

  • Where and when the wedding party will gather before the wedding
  • How ushers will seat guests
  • Who will seat honored guests such as parents and grandparents
  • The cues for when the ceremony processional is about to begin
  • Who is in the processional and what order they process in and with whom or if entering singly, for example,
the groomsmen walk in together with the bridesmaids, the bride’s father walks her in, etc.
  • Once a wedding party member has arrived up front where the ceremony will take place, where and how each
 person will stand
  • Any special instructions for wedding party members during the ceremony, commonly:
  • Who will hold the rings (your officiant will usually request that the rings be brought forward)
  • If the maid of honor holds the bride’s bouquet when she recites her vows
  • If the bride’s dress has a train, who will help her with it, usually the maid of honor
  • If someone will be carrying some tissues etc.

  • When the wedding ceremony is done, how the wedding party exits (recessional).  This is usually in the reverse order of entry
    with bride and groom exiting first.
  • Special instructions for immediately after the ceremony, e.g., signing of the marriage certificate, photos, etc.

It may help to make an instructive list and give it to your wedding party.
To get your rehearsal started, if you are conducting the rehearsal yourselves, you  may want to designate someone to get everyone’s
attention and let them know that the rehearsal is about to start.

Most of all, allow yourself to relax and enjoy the good company!  Congratulations.  

©Reverend Marya O’Malley, 2011, all rights reserved in all media.  Copying and/or transmission by permission only.  Celebrating Life, LLC, Reverend
Marya O’Malley, 5901-J Wyoming NE, #211, Albuquerque, NM  87109.

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