The Bride is Gorgeous in Red!
Dionne and Chris
Melissa & Shane:  Largest Wedding
Party That I Have Officiated To Date
A Victorian Themed Wedding
PHOTO GALLERY           Rev. Marya O'Malley
                                  Albuquerque Area New Mexico            
                 Ordained Interfaith Minister
                        Traditional or Custom Weddings
A Gallery of Happy Couples!
Marie and Paul Getting Ready to Ride    
Off Into the Sunset!
Jowita, Paul, and
Wedding Party
Renaissance Nuptials...the Bride Fashioned
Everyone's Clothing ... Except Mine!
These are photos of  just a few of the many  couples
that I have married.  If you would like your picture
here, I'd love to add you to my album of happy
couples.  505-573-2013                        
        Reverend Marya O'Malley
Jessica and Jess had an elegant at-home
wedding in Albuquerque
Bill and Krista
Bride and Groom and Rev. O'Malley  in
the Garden Bride, Karen,  Designed for
Their  Wedding
Bruce and Linda
A hilltop renaissance
Michelle and John  
David and Brittany   
Laurie and Isaac,
seal it with a kiss in Old Town.
I got married and so can you!
Theresa and John, Albuquerque Old Town
Jacinta and Chris had a lovely afternoon
wedding at Academy Hills Park
James and Linn
Amber and Michael:  
a romantic wedding in Old Town
Will the two of you be
next?  I would love to
your wedding
call:  505-573-2013 or
email Reverend O'Malley
Karen and John
Heidi and Scott
Roosevelt Park
Jill, Brit and
Their Happy
Family at
Giegos Park
Joann and Scott Simply Elegant
with Family at LaProvence!

Preparations at
Elena Giegos Picnic
Dianna and
Christopher and
Their Small
Wedding Party
(above) at
Arroyo del Oso
DIanna and Chris with Their Attendants
Angie and Tim
Traveled from Iowa to
Renew Their Wedding Vows
Rose and Michael Celebrate Their Marriage
at Academy Hills Park
Angela and Joseph, both stationed at
Kirtland AFB, with Their Marriage Certificate
Kelsey and Wristen Recite Their Vows

Best Wishes,  
Becca & Roy!
Yvonne and
Walter at their
Hotel Andaluz

Photo by
Paul McClure
Ronald and Anita
Diana and Eloy
celebrate their
marriage at the
Sandia Crest!
Blessed with a
Autumn wedding
in the park.
First Photo as a
Married Couple!
Michael and Dawn!
Bride, KOB-Channel 4 anchor Nicole Brady, and
groom, producer Brian Close,...laugh as rain and
wind change their outdoor wedding reception
             Photo by Craig Fritz ABQTribune
Harry and Sara with parents at Rancho Manzana.
Amanda and Tony came all the way from
Michigan to marry on the Sandia Crest!