Marriage Preparation
Coming soon, marriage preparation using Skype
           -convenient, economical, and fun!

As a couple, you have already made the decision to marry.  Marriage actually is a process
made up of many conversations, shared times, and decisions.  Your wedding day is a
marking point in this, a lifelong journey.  

Although marriage preparation is not a requirement, it is highly recommended.  
Why?  Because it has been shown to support more harmonious and vital marriages.  

Studies show that couples who have taken the
Prepare method of marriage preparation
deal with challenges in more effective ways.  They are happier and their marriages tend to
last.  I offer both non-faith based and faith-based versions.  You choose.

You've spent time and effort planning your wedding day, why not take some time to give
yourself the gift of marriage preparation sessions with benefits that can last a lifetime?

Prepare marriage preparation, you will have private sessions with me scheduled at
your convenience. Soon I will be offering these sessions through Skype.  First you will each
complete an inventory online of how you view your relationship as well as your personal
views on important areas.  This inventory is then summarized by computer and your
sessions are tailored to your unique relationship as a couple.

For more information on Prepare marriage preparation, call me at 505-573-2013, email or please link to:

Fees will vary based on your choice of length of program.

                      Rev. Marya O'Malley
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