Obtaining a Marriage License in New Mexico

Marriage licenses for your New Mexico wedding are issued by the County Clerk's office located
in each of the counties in the State of New Mexico.  The County Clerk's office is usually in the
County Courthouse.  It is best to call the County Clerk's office ahead of time to confirm the office
hours and to verify what to bring with you to obtain your marriage license.

Both the bride and groom need to appear together to get the license.  Each needs a picture ID
and proof of social security numbers.  The fee is $25 and must be paid in cash.  If you are under
the age of 18, the County Clerk's office can inform you of special requirements.  

In New Mexico there is no waiting period and you will leave the office with the license.  The
license is valid for ceremonies performed anywhere in New Mexico and has no expiration date.  
No blood tests are required in New Mexico.

Be sure to check directly with the County Clerk's office to verify the above information.  Changes
could have been made after this was posted and checking directly may save you some time.

Please note:
 You may apply for your marriage license on-line with Bernalillo County
(Albuquerque area).  You will still need to go in person to the courthouse to pick up your license,
but it does expedite the process.
 Click on the Bernalillo County Clerk's Office link below for

    You must bring your license to your wedding ceremony.  At the ceremony,
    the marriage certificate must be signed by the bride, groom, the officiant/minister, and
    two witnesses, you'll return the license by mail or bring it in yourself to the County Clerk's
    office in the county that issued the license .  The license will be recorded by the County
    Clerk.  The original document will be returned to you as a souvenir.  After the license is
    recorded you may need certified copies of it for any name changes on passports,
    social security cards, and some accounts.

Bernalillo County (Includes City of Albuquerque area) Clerk of Court  
Phone Number:  (505)-468-1290
email:  clerk@bernco.gov

Bernalillo County Clerk's Office Website:

Bernalillo County Clerk's Office Marriage License Information Link

Obtaining a Marriage License
in New Mexico
Angela and Joseph with
Their Marriage Certificate