There are 2 Categories to Fit Your Needs:

1.  Simple or Elopement Weddings / Vow Renewal*

  • A short ceremony located within the city limits of Albuquerque (Rio
    Rancho) at an easily accessible location that involves minimal
    preparation for the minister and no more than 2 attendants (e.g. best
    man and maid of honor).  Rev. O'Malley will choose (based on the type
    of ceremony your prefer) and perform a brief ceremony.

    $150* ($195** Rio Rancho) Friday evening through Sunday

2.  Classic Wedding fee* *in the Albuquerque area includes:

  • Determining what your wishes are for your wedding ceremony based
    on our discussions, meeting in person as needed, usually 1 to 3  
    times, and phone discussions or other communications.
  • If desired, guidance in considering the details before, during and after
    your ceremony including such things as logistics of your processional,
    honoring special people during your ceremony, your bridal party, and
    special touches to make your ceremony unique.
  • Flexibility not only with your planning, but with things that arise at the
    last minute so that you can relax and enjoy this most important and
    meaningful day.
  • Custom writing, changes, or additions that you request.
  • Travel to and from your ceremony location and performing your
    wedding ceremony (includes Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, and local casinos).
  • At your request, Rev. O'Malley will mail the completed, signed
    marriage document to the County Clerk's office.

    Weddings with less than 60 guests:  $250**
    Weddings with 60 or more guests:    $295**
    Classic Weddings in Santa Fe:  $425**

**A $150 deposit is required (part of the total fee) to hold the date
and time of your ceremony.  *For discounted simple weddings a non-
refundable deposit of $60 is required to hold the date and time of your
All deposits are for the date and time of your wedding as
specified and are non-refundable if you cancel for the specified date, time
and place for any reason.  Checks, cash (do not mail cash), or money orders
are accepted.  Any cancellation that is less than 72 hours before the
scheduled time of the ceremony results in total fees due and owing upon
cancellation.  All fees are subject to NM gross receipts tax, currently 7%.

Additional Expenses Related to Your Ceremony:  If applicable, Tram fees,
Botanical Garden entrance fees, parking fees, or additional required fees will
be paid by the couple.  If your wedding is outside the Albuquerque city limits,
there may be an additional fee for extra travel time and distance.  

Rehearsal with Reverend O'Malley in attendance is at your option and
requires a nominal fee ($75 in Albuquerque; inquire about Santa Fe
rehearsal fees) and deposit and is
subject to her availability.  (About
55% of couples do a rehearsal on their own, 25% have Reverend O'Malley
conduct the rehearsal, and about 20% of couples do not have a rehearsal -
these are usually the smaller, more intimate weddings.)

If a couple has opted to have a simple wedding ceremony and wishes to
involve more time and planning on the part of Reverend Marya O’Malley
/Celebrating Life, LLC, over that of the typical simple wedding category, the
fee due then automatically converts to the classic wedding level of service, at
$250 or $295 as detailed above.  This would include delays in the wedding
ceremony start, forgetting to bring the marriage license and extra time it
takes to pick it up so that it can be signed, etc.
Reverend Marya O'Malley
Albuquerque Wedding Officiant  
505-573-2013             info@weddingsnm.com
National Association of Wedding Ministers
DISCOUNT: Monday - Friday Midday, $100, Albuquerque
Elopement or Simple Weddings/Vow Renewal  
($140 Rio Rancho)
NEW! Santa Fe Simple Category Wedding Rates $295**
(This special reduced fee excludes holidays, long holiday
weekends, Valentine's Day, New Year's eve, & Christmas eve.)
Please note:  I am committed to providing a memorable, meaningful
wedding ceremony for each and every couple.  I consider it an honor to
perform weddings.  
Special consideration will be given to couples with
financial hardship, please inquire.
 I will do everything that I am able
to accommodate your needs.
                    Reverend Marya O'Malley
Mailing Address for Deposit
& Correspondence:

Celebrating Life, LLC
5901-J Wyoming Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM  87109
New Reduced
Santa Fe Simple
Wedding Rates!