Here is what couples have had to say about
rend O'Malley's Services:

"Thank YOU!  You were professional and very helpful and sweet!" ... Amanda and Tony

"Rev. O'Malley, thank you for making our wedding so personal."  ... Lisa and Rich

"You made our wedding day very special.  Everyone commented on our vows, loved the
length of the ceremony and enjoyed various details..."  ...Jan and Joe

"Helen and I wanted to thank you for taking part in our special occasion.  We are very
pleased with everything and thank you for sharing in this experience with us.  We are so
excited about this new chapter in our lives."  ... Glenn and Helen

"Thank you for doing our ceremony. Everything was wonderful. Chris and I are still on our
honeymoon and are really enjoying our new relationship with each other. Without you this
would not have been possible. Thank you again for the great location and
ceremony."...Dianna and Chris

"Thanks again for performing our wedding ceremony. Your words were beautiful and
meaningful. ...Also, thanks for recommending Seasons was delicious..they
took great care of us."...Amber and Michael

"We were so pleased with the ceremony.  We liked the way you did the readings and how
you let us choose the readings and the wordings of the vows.  A number of our friends
mentioned what a nice service it was and how it was all so meaningful.  One of my friends
said that it was the nicest wedding she'd ever been to.  We are enclosing a picture which I
like because you look so happy.  Thank you again for all you did for us."   ...Jo and Bill

"Jon and I would like to express our thanks.  We have had many compliments on the
beauty and originality of the ceremony."   ... Patrice and Jon

"We want to thank you for allowing us to express our spirituality in our own way, and for
helping us create a meaningful ceremony."...Mary Jo and Robert

"I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for our beautiful wedding.  You made
everything perfect.  Even though you had just  met us, you could see into our hearts and
you could help us put together a ceremony that was just right for us.  I don't know how you
do it, but it's truly a gift.  Our vows fit us and everything we've been through so perfectly."
...Caroline and Al

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in performing our marriage ceremony!!  
You made it so special for us.  Also, thanks for your patience when the "mic" didn't work.  
Also, great choice on the outfit you wore." ...Barbara and Ken

"One year ago on February 24th you married Steve and I at the St. James Hotel.  We are
still quite grateful for the memory you helped to create.  Even those in our family who were
skeptical of our "untraditional ceremony" had nothing but great things to say about you.  As
a first year anniversary gift to you, we have enclosed a photograph of one of our favorite
moments."  ...Emily and Steve

"Thank you for making our day so special.  We received many compliments on the
ceremony!  Through everything you were very kind and flexible.  Thank you so much!"
...Brooke & Kevin

"We just wanted you to know how much we appreciated the beautiful service you did for us.  
Even Bruce's dad, who's not much for weddings, was on the verge of crying and afterwards
said that it was one of the most beautiful weddings that he's been to.  It was simple and
meaningful and was exactly what we wanted."  Anne and Bruce

"Rev. O'Malley, thank you for all your help with our spontaneous wedding planning."  ...Karla
and Jim

"Thank you for officiating at our wedding!  We would recommend you to anyone."
...Shawn and Jessie

"Marya, we were meant to receive your letter, because without you we wouldn't have been
able to create such a unique and special ceremony.  We received so many compliments
and everyone loved you.  Thanks!"  ...Kamala and Neal

Thank you for being a special and important part of our wedding."  ... Linda and Jerry

"... everyone loved our vows.  Thanks again and God Bless..."  Chris and Brian

"Marya, your words were very meaningful to Dan and me, as well as to our children, who
have entered into this union with us.  We feel it was a wonderful start to our lives together."  
...Sue and Dan

"Dear Marya, thank you so much for leading our wedding celebration.  It meant so much to
us to be able to include the kids.  We so appreciate your flexibility and guidance."  ...Dawn
and Mike

"Marya, we wanted to write and say thank you so much for our wonderful wedding
ceremony.  It was just as we imagined it to be.  So many people commented on what a
wonderful job you had done.  Your ideas and all of your ceremonies are so wonderful and
personal.  We love watching our video and remembering our special day.  Thank you so
much for your hard work and the role that you played."  ...Lauren and Dan

"Marya, we want to thank you so very much for the most beautiful day we could ever have
had.  Everyone was so impressed with you and the ceremony.  Thank you for doing a truly
wonderful job.  It turned out beautifully."  ...Misti and Gary

"Marya thank you for taking part in our special day.  We are so excited!  Our ceremony is
like nothing we've ever heard before.  I'm sure it will be a wedding to remember."  ...Amber
and John

"Thank you for helping us to create our ceremony, your kindness is very much
appreciated."  ...Erin and Jeff
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